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Coosawattee River Tubing Company is closed for the season.

We hope to see you in 2021!





Plan your fun-filled tubing excursion with the Coosawattee River Tubing Company, located at the intersection of Hwy. 382 and Eagle Mountain Drive (adjacent to the Eagle Mountain entrance of Coosawattee River Resort) in Ellijay, Georgia. We are just an hour north of Atlanta, and an hour south of Chattanooga in the exquisite North Georgia Mountains.

The stress of everyday life becomes all but a memory as you gently float down the lazy Coosawattee River.  Spend a couple of hours forgetting your cares, basking in the sun and exquisite scenery, enjoying the company of family and friends — or simply losing yourself in contemplative solitude and peace of mind.


Things to know

We are very glad you have chosen to spend your time in North Georgia with us!


Absolutely no customer will be allowed to participate in river trips with Coosawattee River Tubing Company without acknowledging these rules and signing a waiver.


Securely fitting shoes to avoid foot injury. River/Water shoes are recommended and sold on site based upon availability.  Swimsuits or t-shirt and shorts are recommended.

Life Jackets

Life vests will be provided for each participant by Coosawattee River Tubing Company.  All participants 12 years of age and under, must wear life vest at all times.

Eyeglasses and Jewelry

It is recommended to use a securing retainer of some type to prevent loss on river. It is not recommended that jewelry of any type be worn due to risk of loss. Tubing Company will not be held  responsible for lost articles whatsoever.

Alcohol, Glass Containers, Coolers, and/or Illegal Substances

Any customer who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to go on any tubing trip. No alcohol, glass containers, coolers, or illegal substances will be allowed on any part of trip, whether on shuttle, on the water, etc.


No pets are allowed on any part of the tubing trip.

Steering Tube

Sit your bottom in middle of tube, lean back, and paddle with your hands while kicking your feet.


Any river is home to all sorts of wildlife. Be aware of your surroundings and stay away from any critters you may see along the way. It is recommended to stay clear of the side of river and tree branches.

Falling from Tube

Should you fall off tube at any time, try to get back on tube as soon as possible. Avoid standing up as there are obstacles and rocks at your feet that are not visible to the eye.

Loss or Damage of Tube

If you should lose or damage your tube, you will be charged $20.00 per tube.

Take Out Point

Take out point sign will be posted at end of trip just before metal bridge. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you go beyond metal bridge. It is important to stay with the group you entered the water with as shuttles only run at specified times. Exit water and proceed to pickup area. Shuttle will be waiting or will arrive shortly.

Leaving the Water

It is important to remember that the property on either side of the river is private property. You should avoid exiting the water except in case of a 911 emergency or inclement weather.

Children must be at least 42 inches tall.


our customers

love us!

"Loved tubing here! They had a shuttle to take you down and pick you up. Did a head count to make sure everyone made it back. Shuttle drivers were friendly and personable. Great experience!"

"Had a wonderful time with my wife and another couple from Atlanta. Only one tricky spot. I tumbled out of my tube and lost my trunks! Luckily my wife grabbed them and no harm done. Highly recommend."

"Had a blast! Best 2 hours I spent in awhile."

"Friendly and helpful service. Fun for all ages."

"We come every year, for the last 4 year's, and always have a great time."

"Awesome trip! Great service!"

"Great experience and customer service. River was easy and relaxing great for kids."

Coosawattee River tubing co.

Coosawattee River Tubing Co

25 Eagle Mountain Drive

Ellijay, GA 30540

Toll Free: 800-329-1576

Local: 706-635-1609

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